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Providing advice, services and solving complex business problems around critical communications, location based services, Enterprise mobility and security. We’re more involved in our clients businesses than ever before.

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Consulting overview

Every business is different, with challenges unique and specific to your industry, and solutions which do not translate perfectly from one business to another. This is why companies approach AeroSierra as we see things differently, offering a fully customised approach to professional services. Our service provision is global, operating across key strategic locations within the UK, Europe the Middle East and Africa. AeroSierra is truly adaptable, reactive and knowledgable with decades of experience throughout our team and across many industry markets.

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Enterprise mobility is now defined as an essential part of a digital strategy, more than just a technology decision. Your people need anywhere, anyhow access to critical information. Content that works securely and consistently across every device platform. Mobility is transforming businesses and industries around the world, enabling more businesses, in more places, to communicate and share information more effectively in real-time.

AeroSierra helps companies of all sizes and across industries embrace mobility as a transformational strategy to deliver real, measurable and sustainable improvements in business performance.


Push-to-Talk over WiFi

Extending Critical Communications

Make and receive PTT calls over compatible WiFi networks including public Wi-Fi hotspots, home and corporate WiFi networks.

Push to talk over Wi-Fi


PTTaaS Cloud Platform

PTTaaS Cloud for Everyone

Leverage business critical push-to-talk communications from AeroSierra over any 3G, 4G LTE, WiFi or LAN IP network using a single smartphone device or tablet.

PTTaaS Cloud


Push-to-Talk over Cellular

Communicate without Boundaries

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a walkie-talkie with lighting fast call setup over any 3G and 4G LTE mobile network and communicate on-the-move without boundaries.

Push-to-Talk over Cellular


PTT On-Premise Platform

PTT On-Premise for Enterprise

Connecting workforce’s with next generation critical communications right from your premises. Bringing instant push-to-talk to millions of businesses worldwide.

PTT On-Premise

Define governance with Enterprise mobility, to better manage people policies and processes

AeroSierra is an enabler of change. Allowing all business to adopt a truly mobile-first strategy by harnessing the power of critical communications and secure working solutions. In an ever mobile workforce, modern companies of today must embrace change to drive employee productivity, and enable business innovation to maximise profitability and gain greater efficiencies. They must also protect and secure their network from cyber risks, threats and security breaches.